Dentures & False Teeth

What Are Dentures

Dentures, also known as false teeth and prosthetic teeth that are specially made by a specialist dentist called a prosthodontist. Dentures are often made of acrylic, metal or nylon.
Dentures can be used to replace as little as a single tooth, up to every tooth in a patient’s mouth.
Dentures are used to act as replacement teeth when you have lost most or all teeth. As well as to restore your smile to its full effect. Individuals who are missing significant amounts of teeth will struggle to maintain a healthy diet and get the nutrition they need. Dentures are a way of resolving those issues and allowing someone to chew their food who otherwise would not be able to.
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What Are The Different Types of Dentures?

Partial dentures are for when one or several teeth need to be replaced or when the nearby teeth are not strong enough to support a bridge. They clasp into surrounding teeth to hold into place. These are removable and easy to clean and maintain.
Complete Dentures are also known as false teeth. These dentures are for when you no longer have teeth remaining and replace all of your missing teeth. They are held into place by suction and may at first be uncomfortable, but with the time you will be able to get used to them.
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Am I Suitable For Dentures?

If you are missing a significant, or all of your teeth, dentures will be recommended by your dentist and they will take a mould of your teeth and gums to have dentures developed at a lab.

What Is The Treatment Process?

The first step to getting dentures will be a dental examination to determine if dentures are the right choice for you. They will look for anything that may hinder the process of getting dentures, such as tooth decay or infection.
After this consultation, a mould of your teeth will be made and sent to a laboratory where they will build the dentures. Once they are finished being made, the patient will go through a denture fitting to make sure they fit correctly without any issues.
Then finally will come to an adaptation phase, which will be slight adjustments to the dentures to remove any discomfort they may be causing.
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Alternatives to Dentures?

Your smile is important, and it is equally important that your smile can be maintained in the best way possible. While dentures are a fantastic solution for replacing missing teeth, they are not the only option available. There are several options for having your missing teeth replaced.
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is fused into your jaw. It acts as a full replacement on a tooth that is fixed into place. Dental implants can last for years if not decades before they require any maintenance or replacement.
Dental Bridges are designed to bridge the gap between teeth. They are implants that utilize crowns that attach to the adjacent teeth to where the gap if and fix it into place.

More Questions about Dentures?

Dentures that have broken in half cannot be repaired and you will require having new dentures made to replace them. While you could use a bonding adhesive, dentures are specially fitted to your mouth, and an imperfect restoration, even if just by a little, can cause discomfort and even pain.

False teeth can be disinfected and cleaned either with a specialized solution that you can buy in-store or by using a mixture of distilled white vinegar and warm water at equal parts.

The American Dental Association states that dentures will last for between 5-7 years on average and will require replacing at that time. Denture teeth will stain and wear down faster than natural teeth.

A prosthodontist is the kind of doctor that works directly with dentures. These are specialized dentists who make and fit dentures.

Dentures are typically made of acrylic, nylon, or metal. High-quality dentures are made from a material called comfilyte, which is the lightest, most durable material available for dentures.

Typically no, dentures that have been broken cannot be fixed. If a tooth or some of the pink lining has come out then it may be possible for a temporary minor fix.

If your dentures have broken in half then you will not be able to complete a repair job on your own. Dentures must be put back together exactly in place and it takes a skilled prosthodontist to accurately repair dentures.

Always avoid questionable brands, as some in the past have been linked to containing poisonous substances. Always take precaution and always buy well reputable brands when purchasing denture cement.

Effergrip Denture Adhesive Cream is well regarded as one of, if not the best denture cement on the market. It is consistently on the top of the best-of lists.

Yes, it is possible to add a tooth to an existing partial denture. It will be required to be sent back to the lab and may take some time to get back. Acrylic dentures tend to be the easiest dentures to add a tooth to.

The best dentures available on the market are considered to be cosmetic dentures. These are more expensive than the standard models, but they are made from high-quality materials and look closer to real teeth.

While you can wear your dentures while you sleep, it is recommended you take them out at night and set them in a solution to help clean them. By removing your dentures you will allow your gums to rest and breathe.

If your dentures get damaged and need repair or replacement you should contact your dentist. If that is not an option, then you should contact a prosthodontist to either get your dentures repaired or replaced.

There are a lot of different methods to use when whitening dentures. Proper care and cleaning of your dentures are going to be the best way to keep them white, but you could also use:

  •     Hydrogen peroxide
  •     Baking soda
  •     White vinegar
  •     Denture bleach
  • Mouthwash

Yes, you can eat while you are wearing dentures. Dentures are intended to replace real teeth, and as a result, can be used like real teeth. However, dentures will wear down and stain more easily than real teeth. It is advised that you avoid hard foods with dentures.

How long it takes to make dentures will depend on the patient and their condition. Typically it will take between 4 to 6 visits with your dentist before dentures will be recommended and the scans of your mouth to be sent to the lab for creation.

In lab development for dentures will take a minimum of 30 days and may take longer.

Overall, dentures may take anywhere between 6 weeks to 3 months to be made.

To brush your dentures you should use a soft-bristled brush and brush slowly in a circular motion, removing any built-up plaque and food debris. While you can use regular toothpaste, there are specially made kinds of toothpaste for dentures and are highly recommended for use by dentists.

When they are not being worn, dentures will need to keep moist that they can maintain their shape or dry out. They should be kept in a sanitary solution or warm water. However, if your dentures have metal attachments, they may tarnish. In this case, you should consult with your dentist for more information about how these dentures should be kept.

Top dentures should fit into the top of your mouth smoothly and be able to suction into place. Bottom dentures should float along the bottom gums and should rest comfortably.

Partial dentures should slot into your teeth by hooking into the surrounding teeth. They should feel firm and in place, but easily removable.

How much are Dentures?

At Susan Crean Denal & Facial Aesthetics we offer a wide selection of dental treatments provided by some of the best dental staff in Tralee, each treatment designed to meet the individual needs of our patients. Working with your dentist to meet your dental health goals, you’ll find that there is always something to smile about. Our prices are competitive and our services top notch. Review our competitive price chart below. Book your appointment online. You can call our Tralee clinic at 0667117577.
You only get one set of teeth, Ensure a healthy mouth with healthy teeth and gums. Routine check-up appointments and professional cleanings with your dentist will help to keep small concerns from escalating into more serious dental problems.

Price List : Cosmetic

Dental Crown (Ceramic) : €1100
Dental Crown (Metal/Porcelain) : €850
Glass Fibre/Metal Post : €200-€250
Core Build Up (Prior to Crown) : €160
Dental Veneer (Porcelain) : €795
Inlay / Onlay : €700
Dental Bridge : €795 per unit
Tooth Whitening (Bleaching Kit) : €250
Tooth Whitening (Bleaching Gels) : €35 ea
Tooth Whitening (Laser Zoom in-house & home whitening kit) : €700

Price List : Missing Teeth

Dentures (Partial Acrylic)from € 550
Dentures (Full Acrylic)from € 750 - 900
Dentures (Chrome Cobalt)from € 1300-1500
Dentures (Valplast)from € 750
Denture (Addition)from € 120
Denture (Reline)from € 175
Dental Veneer (Porcelain)from € 795

Dental Bridge
depending on case
Dental Implants from €1500 for placement +prosthesis
consultation with oral surgeon /specialist € 150

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