Tooth Fillings

Tooth Fillings

What Are Tooth Fillings?

Maybe you’ve noticed some tooth pain recently. Your teeth suddenly hurt after drinking an ice-cold drink, or a cup of hot chocolate. It hurts to chew, and candy what was once a sweet treat has become a sugary drop of pain. If you’re experiencing any of this, you may have a cavity.
Cavities are holes in your teeth, destroyed by decay and exposing sensitive nerves. Thankfully these painful sensitivities can be fixed and our teeth restored through the use of fillings.
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What types of Tooth Fillings Exist?

Fillings are specially designed pieces of material that are fitted to the cavity and restore the integrity of the tooth. Filling in the hole of the tooth, hence the name. They will cover any exposed soft tissue from damaged enamel and relieve any pain that was being caused by the damage.
Fillings can be made from a variety of materials and they each come with their pros and cons, as well as varying prices. These types of filling are:
Composite plastics (resin) fillings
Gold fillings
Amalgam (silver) fillings
Porcelain fillings

When Is A Tooth Filling Needed?

Fillings not only help fill in gaps in your smile when you have chipped or broken a tooth. They also fill in the internal gaps of your tooth created by decay. A filling may be required when there is enough damage to the tooth that it cannot be ignored. If left for too long cavities can spread down to the gum line which would result in a root canal being performed, or for the tooth to be pulled entirely.
You may be suitable to get this treatment is you are experiencing the following:
Throbbing pain while chewing
Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
Sensitivity to pressure
Sensitivity to sweet foods and drinks.

Does Filling A Tooth Hurt? Answer : No

The treatment of getting a tooth filling put into place is not a painful process in any way. In fact, getting a filling put into place will cover up and seal away exposed nerve endings and will relieve pain.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Tooth Filling?

The main aim of filling a tooth is to save it and prevent further damage, a small filling can turn into a large one, or require a root canal or possible tooth loss, so the longer issues are left untreated the price of resolving it and the damage occurring increases. The benefits of getting a tooth filling are;
Pain relief
Filling in gaps in your smile
Preventing further damage and infection
Boosting confidence in your smile

Tooth Filling - Treatment Process

Once the location of the caries is identified, the treatment is carried out by following these steps:
Anaesthesia To prevent the patient from feeling pain during the procedure.
Removal of caries With the help of dental appliances, the dentist will clean the entire tooth adequately to eliminate caries and to produce a cavity with a specific shape that can contain the filling material.
Placement of the filling material Once the tooth has been cleaned, the cavity is filled with a suitable material following the shape and colour of the treated tooth.
Finishing & Polishing once the material has hardened, the dentist will finish the operation with finishing and polishing of the tooth to adapt it to the bite of the patient and eliminate any impurities.

More Questions about Fillings?

 Yes, if the decay has reached the gum line it can be filled. It may take multiple visits.

 As little as 20 minutes but not typically more than an hour.

Fillings restore the strength and integrity of the tooth by filling in the part of the remove that has decayed.

The dentist moulds the filling to the shape of the cavity and surrounding tooth, restoring the strength of the tooth.

 A tooth filling is a piece of material designed to be inserted into a tooth that has been destroyed by decay. It is shaped to the size of the cavity and fills it in.

 The price of fillings will vary based on location, but will average around the following:

  •     Amalgam (silver) filling 95-120 euro
  •     Composite filling 100-150 euro
  •     Porcelain filling 250-300 euro
  •     Gold prices will vary and it is recommended you speak with your dentist for more details.

 A tooth that has just had a filling done will be more sensitive to temperatures. This should resolve after a couple of weeks.

The procedure itself does not hurt, and may in fact relieve pain. By covering any exposed nerves or soft tissue any toothache caused by that will be relieved.

 Depending on the filling:

  •     Resin fillings may chip and wear over time and may need replacing after only a couple years
  •     Gold fillings can last up to 20 years
  •     Porcelain 5-10 years
  •     Amalgam 10-15 years

By keeping up with good regular oral hygiene habits you will be able to take care of your filling:

  •     Brush at least twice a day and floss daily
  •     Limit consumption of sugary snacks and drinks
  • Limit alcohol and tobacco use

No, not all tooth decay requires filling and there are treatments for small cavities that do not require filling. These include silver diamine fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

Between 2-4 weeks. If it persists longer than that contact your dentist.

It is likely you have an amalgam (silver) filling. Due to the material used they are going to be darker than other fillings.

You should stick to soft foods for a couple of weeks after the filling.

  •     soups and stews
  •     Cooked fruits vegetables
  •     Dairy products
  •     Smoothies and protein shakes

Many fillings are made of metallic materials, and as a result, may have a metallic taste. As the material wears down the metallic taste may fade away.

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Alternative Treatments

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How much is a tooth filling?

At Susan Crean Denal & Facial Aesthetics we offer a wide selection of dental treatments provided by some of the best dental staff in Tralee, each treatment designed to meet the individual needs of our patients. Working with your dentist to meet your dental health goals, you’ll find that there is always something to smile about. Our prices are competitive and our services top notch. Review our competitive price chart below. Book your appointment online. You can call our Tralee clinic at 0667117577.
You only get one set of teeth, Ensure a healthy mouth with healthy teeth and gums. Routine check-up appointments and professional cleanings with your dentist will help to keep small concerns from escalating into more serious dental problems.

Price List : Restorative Treatments

Filling (Amalgam) : from €90
Filling (Composite) : from €100
Filling (Composite Build Up) : €150
Filling (Composite Veneers) : €250 ea
Root Canal (Anterior Tooth) : €450
Root Canal (Pre-Molar Tooth) : €550
Root Canal (Molar Tooth) : Referral to specialist

Price List : Preventative

Filling (Amalgam)from € 100-150
Filling (Composite)from € 130-200
Filling (Composite Build Up)from € 150
Root Canal (Anterior Tooth)€ 450-500
Root Canal (Pre-Molar Tooth)€ 550-650
Root Canal (Molar Tooth)€ 650-750
Composite Veneers€ 300

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